What To Replace in a House ... My work-list for 'comprehensive' Home Automation

Over the past few months, I’ve added/replaced few devices at home, with the intent, in the long run, to make it as smart as ‘reasonable’. Of course, the nature of this hobby is there is always something new … something I have not thought of yet. Here is my ‘sequence’:


  1. Nest Thermostats - 2×
  2. TP-Link Smart Plugs - 10×
  3. Wyze Cameras - 8×
  4. Garage Opener - 1×
  5. Sprinkler System - 1×
  6. Smart Switches/Dimmers for lights - 16×
  7. Smart Fan Control - 3×
  8. Ring Door Bell - 1×
  9. Smart Bulbs - 12×
  10. Plant Soil Monitor - Experimenting with only 1 (Blue-Tooth based)

What is Next

  1. Outdoor (DVR) Camera Security System
  2. Fire/Smoke Detectors
  3. Windows/Doors Switches and PIRs - need to recycle from existing security system
  4. Energy Consumption Meter

Some of the devices are meant to be centrally controlled/interfaced, others will be ‘local’, such as the
16. Light in the basement, only when motion is detected (Wyze Bulbs + Wyze PIR Sensor)
17. Bathroom Suction Fan, by measuring humidity (kids take very long showers!)

Yes there are other options with automated windows blinds and playing with the audio system, but those are not ‘necessary’ for now.

My Questions:

  1. So, what am I missing?
  2. What other devices have you found useful i.e. a ‘must-have’ in any smart home ?
  3. Any recommendations for 12/14 ?

Maybe a weather system…
Flood sensors to protect ie by washing machine / boiler / etc
How are you going to meter energy… I Made sure all my lights / sockets / switches have built in energy monitoring so I can sum it all up rather than just have a dumb clamp at the distribution board

Sorry lost track of this discussion. I got a Sense and multiple KP-115, made by TP-Link. You’re right, in this new age of HA, energy monitoring is a must.