What will be the better option of installation?


I have Openhab 2.5 (Upgraded 2.4) running on RPi 3B with Stretch.
I think upgrading to Buster with fresh 2.5 (Don’t know why actually, everything works :))
but I need advice what method I should take:

  1. None, keep the Stretch and upgraded.
  2. OpenHabian Buster with fresh 2.5
  3. Raspberrian with Dockers + Clean 2.5 docker

What do you guys prefer ?

I think if your system is running fine, stay with Stretch. It is still supported for a while. Otherwise option 2 makes sense.
I personally would shy away from running Docker because the Pi has very limited RAM anyway.

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I have my system mounted to SSD to avoid SD card wear.
In case I’ll go with fresh install and import backup, Is this the right process ?

  1. Backup --full
  2. Install openhabian on seperate SD card (Other RPi as well)
  3. Import backup
  4. make sure everything is working fine
  5. format SSD and move system again there from scratch

Sound legit ?

It sounds good to me.
I am lazy and have just copied configuration portions between systems. perhaps taking the opportunity to delete unused portions and simplify others.