What would you recommend?

What would you recommend:
I have two z-wave Danfoss heating-thermostats, two z-wave smoke-detectors, two z-wave wallplugs and five silvercrest zigbee based wallplugs.

The z-wave components are running on their own system with a popp-gateway which I want to left untouched.

The silvercrest zigbee-based wallplugs are for playing but have their own gateway too which is working.
One is in the shelter switching on/off christmas lights the second one is in the second floor switching on/off
So my first question is:
would you recommend to firstly create a “housemap” I mean a structure that represents my house and shelter
house cellar, flat floor, first floor, second floor
and after that inserting the zigbee based wallplugs into OpenHAB?

It is zigbee based and connected to its own zigbee-“server” can I have a connecting from this zigbee-“server” to openhab?
And if yes what kind of additional things do I have to install to establish the connection?

If it is not possible to connect my silvercrest zigbee-“server”: to OpenHAB
what do I need to install to be able to connect the wallplugs to OpenHAB?

best regards Stefan

There is a thread active in the forums at the moment about zigbee Silvercrest - check that out to see what others are doing.

You could hack your Silvercrest gateway, free it from the cloud and use it as a plain Ethernet to ZigBee gateway that is supported by the openHAB ZigBee Binding:

Other options for native integration of your ZigBee devices into openHAB can be found in the documentation for the openHAB ZigBee binding: