Whats the maximum sd card size for raspberry pi 3?

please Suggest a good sd card for raspberry pi 3 the bigger the better !
whats the maximum i can use ?
would 64GB work fine as mounted here ? raspberry pi 3 sd card
the money is not a problem i just need the best if not best of the best , please help

Hello Danial,
I am not sure what your intention is to use such a big SD card.
If you are thinking about wearing of SD card a bigger one helps, but better would be a small (maybe 16GB) card and install a SSD drive.
Just my 2 cents …

I have a 240GB SSD in a USB case on my Pi 3B+
Not sure about maximum SD card size, though.

XY problem. If you are afraid of wearout then ask “what can I do to avoid wearout”, and the answer is not “install a large SD”.

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Then why are you using a raspberry pi3? Why not go for an x86 setup with sata or m2 and a SSD if money is no problem?

If you are wanting a larger uSD card for speed reasons, you should look at the PI4 as it added double data rates on the uSD slot and will make a big difference, but still not close to a SSD. Running large uSD cards on a pi3 will cripple their speed so consider where spending the money will give best returns.

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