What's the status of io-homecontrol (velux)?

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in the google groups I found a discussion about the io-homecontrol integration: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!category-topic/openhab/AinJdyyDtG0

Is there already anything testable? How can I contribute to the development?


Any recent updates on that topic?



would be nice to hear something about that.


Still no noticeable progress on my side … Tried sniffing the internal busses of the touch remote with no success, no clue with the “mouse” either.

What a pitty :frowning: I was hoping that this could be integrated into OH as well.

Now I have to buy the shitty (sorry) KLF-050 and built up an ugly workaround.

Is there anything that I could do to support?

Thx. J.

I looked through everything I could find online (see links at the bottom), concluding:

  1. Most important: People mixing Somfy RTS with (Somfy originating) io-homecontrol.com - They are not the same!
  2. To the best of my knowledge there is currently no implementation (which is not using cloud based Somfy Tahoma, or is soldering a remote)
  3. There is a setup Device called somfy set&go, which some guys startet to reverse engineer the communication, without success until the end of 2015
  4. The chips supporting io-homecontrol available (e.g. ADF7022) reveal no details about the communication protocol

IMHO there are only a couple of options at the moment:

  • Continue to reverse engineer the Set&Go communication (See point three above)
  • Buy a ADF7022 evaluation board (hope that they deliver the full datasheets too), try to reverse engineer the Somfy Protocol OSI 4 to 7 with it and implement a driver (this would probably be the most sustainable option) - I think there might as well be a way to officially gain the encryption (AES or 3DES) keys, since they are exchanged at some point in time concerning to this [page 3]
  • Crowd-source some money and let someone do it for the public domain
  • Reverse-Engineer the whole thing (all OSI layers) with an SDR and see where this gets us (e.g. like him or him2)

See my point two above.

Best, Nick


Thx @nickma82, that summarizes very well all available information to this topic.

Long story short: the need for a velux-binding is present at many users but currently no solution is available.

Next steps:

  • we need someone with deep tech know-how and willing to spent time to analyze what needs to be done for an implementation

I started the thread in the old forum. Sorry didn’t know that the discussion continued here.

There’s something in the bush: see here: Io-homecontrol / velux - something’s in the bush