What's wrong with Z-Wave?

[I’m new to home automation, this is not actually flame-bait!]

I’ve seen a few posts that suggest that starting a new project using Z-Wave is a mistake. What I haven’t seen is a good explanation of why

Putting aside issues with the OpenHab Z-Wave binding, is there anything specifically wrong with Z-Wave?

What would you recommend I use instead?


It completely depends on the goals of the new project. A typical home that wants HA-controllable light switches, dimmers, power sockets, smoke/motion/temperature/humidity/leak sensors, etc., Z-Wave devices typically get the job done well.

But there is a world of special circumstances that could render this bad advice. Trying to automate a castle with interior stone walls? Not good for radio signals. Rather build your own sensors with Arduinos and the like? Don’t like Z-Wave device prices? Have very specific needs where there are few/no Z-Wave devices on offer? Don’t like proprietary, licensed technologies? So it depends. :smile: