When to switch to stable from snapshot

I’ve been running the snapshot version recently as I needed a z-wave device to be put in the database. Chris has allowed me to modify the entry as well so that it now has parameters that can be set. But the system is running some very important devices in my house such as the airsource heatpump and heating system. As a result I would really like to switch back to the stable version ASAP !
How can I tell when the updates in the snapshot that I need to be working are incorporated in the stable system ?

There is another choice; run a stable version base system with one snapshot binding. This gets discussed every two or three days for zwave binding.

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Unless there is some really big bug, which has never happened yet, changes do not get merged back into stable. The milestones and stable releases are just a version of the SNAPSHOT at a point in time. So the updates to the zwave binding database will not become a part of the stable release until the next stable release is created.

Thanks Rich. I’ll wait until the next stable release and then use that.