Where are stored the sitemaps and items?

I just started to use OH2 with paperUI and could find the old items and sitemaps files although there is a directory for them.

Do they exist? If so, where are they?

[openhab] The directory where openhab.sh or openhab.bat resides.

Items are in [openhab]/configurations/items
Sitemaps are in [openhab]/configuration/sitemaps

Rules and Scripts are in similar directories.

Sitemaps are still stored as text files in the folder openhab/conf/sitemaps (same as OH1). Items, if manually configured, are stored in openhab/conf/items… (of course this assume you have openhab installed in the openhab folder).

However, if you are creating items and things through the UI, then they are stored in a database which is in userdata/mapdb.

You got it Chris. I created the items using the paperui app.

Which is the recommended way to create them? Habmin?

@chris, so it seems for some Items OH2 parses the Items text file and for some Items it reads from a database. How does it do that, or am I misunderstanding. I am trying to learn how the UI works and an answer to this question would help me understand this better. Thanks for your help. Any suggested reading?

It’s just as I said above. If you create an items file as in OH1 then the system will read those items from the file. If you create any things through the UI then it will store them in the database.