Where are the 1.9 Bindings in REST Api

Hello all,

where can i find the V1.9 Bindings in REST API? I only find Bindings with >= 2.0 Version.


No one ? :slight_smile:

@Kai Can you help me ?

1.x bindings do not have the required meta-data, hence they are not available on the REST API (nor in the Paper UI). Why would you want them there?

I am currently developing an “Openhab debugger” using the REST API. As you can see here I already started with a simple item checker and would like to expand that further. So for that i have to check if there are any other bindings in “Service” folder over SCP.

A few 1.x bindings ARE actually available (e.g. HTTP). Actually, I would have hoped that all are listed, but the required meta-info hasn’t been added to many of them yet. Check point (2) here, which describes that a binding.xml needs to be added. So instead of looking for a workaround how to get hold of installed bindings, the best way would simply be adding this missing data to the bindings by creating PRs for them.

Ok. Thanks for your description.