Where can I find OpenHAB 1 script API documentation?

Having had a fairly good look through the Wiki and Github documentation, I still cannot find any details on what methods and attributes a scriptable object, such as an Item, supports. I suppose I am looking for a detailed listing of what functionality is supported by different objects provided by OpenHAB.

For example, today I wanted to print out (in a log or via email action) the preformatted string that comes with my Item definition, just as it would appear in the sitemap, including its nicely readable label and the value of the state. I assumed there must be a property of the Item that prints that, just like Item.state returns just the value. I could not find any info about it, so I went searching for API documentation, but I cannot find it either. Where should I be looking?

In a similar vein, there is little on the scripting language itself beyond a reference that it is a subset of XTEND. So, for example, I see in XTEND documentation that it supports function definitions using “def” but when I try that in a rule, it shows up as an error. Where can I find more documentation on which parts of XTEND are or are not supported by OpenHAB? Or has that never been documented yet?

Apologies for these newby questions, but I’d rather self-help if I knew where to look the next time. I am sure there are others who would benefit from such knowledge. Thank you.

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Did you take a look on http://docs.openhab.org/ ? It’s an official openHAB 2 documentation, which has lots of these things covered.

Thank you, @kubawolanin. I had a look but the Developer Guide is currently empty, while the rest focuses on OpenHAB 2.0. I should make it clearer that I am looking for explanation of the methods supported by OpenHAB 1 scriptable objects. I would appreciate if you could point me in the right direction.