Where can I find the jars of the 1.x addons in a 2.1 installation?

There is possible bug fix that I received by a programmer for a 1.10 binding (Anel HUT)
I would like to test this so I can confirm that this is indeed a fix for my problem. (so that this can be in the daily build)
The programmer hasn’t got 2.1 installed, so this person can not help me telling me where I should copy this jar.

I looked at all the locations in http://docs.openhab.org/installation/linux.html#file-locations
And tried to do a search, yet I could not find the current jar, I’m supposed to replace.
(Original setup was done on a Pine64, using app-install )

Who can tell me where I can find these addon bindings?

I think the process is to uninstall the binding if you haven’t already through PaperUI or addons.cfg depending on how you install add-ons in the first place. Then copy the jar file with the fix to the “Additional add-on files” folder. OH will automatically install the add-on from there.

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Thanks that helps.
Still I would like to know where the original files are installed so I can take a backup of the file,

  • I also want to know how to de-install it after I tested it.

(And get back to a stable version till the change is in an official install. )

The files are contained somewhere deep inside the karaf runtime, or userdata/cache folder inside a kar file or something like that. The file may actually not even be there at all after you uninstall it. I don’t know where but they are not intended to be accessed or backed up in that manner. And even if you did, you can’t just drop the file back where it was and hve OH pick it back up. There is a process to load and register the add-on with the Karaf runtime.

To de-install after testing just remove the jar file from the addons folder. You may want to restart OH at this point but it probably isn’t required. Then just reinstall the old stable one through PaperUI or addons.cfg like you did initially.

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Thanks the install worked.
I still need to test things before I un-installed.