Where can I go to find the channel types provided by MQTT Generic Thing?

When defining my Thing, where are the channel types list documented?

/* Bridge to TRV over MQTT */
Bridge mqtt:broker:MQTT_Broker [ host="localhost", secure=false ] {
  /* Generic MQTT Thing for TRV */
  Thing topic Lounge_TRV_Thing  "Lounge TRV" @ "Lounge" {
        /* Current temp , is published periodically by the TRV */
        Type string : Temperature              "Temperature"            [stateTopic="/energenie/eTRV/Report/Temperature/8008" ]
        /* In the following channels , states can only be obtained AFTER the corresponding commandTopics are triggered (with NIL payload) */
        Type string : Voltage                  "Voltage"                [stateTopic="/energenie/eTRV/Report/Voltage/8008", commandTopic="/energenie/eTRV/Command/Voltage/8008" ]
        Type string : Target_Temp              "Target temperatue"      [stateTopic="/energenie/eTRV/Report/TargetTemperature/8008", commandTopic="/energenie/eTRV/Command/Temperature/8008" ]
        Type string : Diagnostics              "Diagnostics"            [stateTopic="/energenie/eTRV/Report/Diagnostics/8008", commandTopic="/energenie/eTRV/Command/Diagnostics/8008" ]
        Type string : Identify                 "Identify"               [commandTopic="/energenie/eTRV/Command/Identify/8008" ]
        Type string : Exercise                 "Excercise"              [commandTopic="/energenie/eTRV/Command/Exercise/8008" ]
        Type string : Valve_State              "Valve state"            [commandTopic="/energenie/eTRV/Command/Valve_State/8008" ]
        Type string : Power_Mode               "Power mode"             [commandTopic="/energenie/eTRV/Command/Power_Mode/8008" ]
        Type string : Reporting_Rate           "Reporting rate"         [commandTopic="/energenie/eTRV/Command/Reporting_Interval/8008" ]

these are all Type string , what other types are there?

also. bit confusing, Type according to the docs, means to refer to an existing type, as opposed to a coding type declaration (“Type int” , “Type bool” , “Type MyType” etc. So if one is not using an existing type, how does one define the channel type?

Straight from the docs…


oh dear
i misunderstood… the word “generic” made ne belive that once binded/associated with an actual device on my network, specific channel types defined by the manufacturer would be exposed.

im re-educated