Where can i manually download old openhab 2.5 bindings?

Hi, i´m still on openhab 2.5 and using knx1-binding.

To update to openhab 3, i want to upgrade my knx-binding first inside my oh2 installation. But if i want to install knx2-binding, i get errors - i think my installation is too old and links have changed…

Where can i manually download the latest knx2-binding?

By the way… Is it possible to use knx1 and knx2 binding side by side? I have so many knx-items, it will last some days to change it to the new format of knx2-binding. So i would change my configuration time by time and can still use the old items - which aren´t in the new format.

For KNX2 binding you may check at org.openhab.binding.knx

Thanks, i can download it now.

Can i use knx1 and knx2 binding together? So i can change my config day by day.

I think you already explored this some years ago (i.e. “no”)

I made some new tests today. MY knx ip router is able to work in router mode and in tunnel mode. In tunnel mode i can open more than 1 tunnel.

Sadly it is not working in router mode. But in tunnel mode, i now can run knx1 and knx2 binding side by side.

It is working great, i can now move my knx1 to knx2 in the next few days and when it is not working, i can move the wrong items back to knx1 and look for a solution.

One more question:

I have some knx-adresses, which i manage inside openhab. So i have a switch-item and i send “on” to this switch inside openhab. In KNX i have a switch with a led and when the openhab-switch is “on” - the led blinks green.

How do i have to configure this in my things-file?

Should i make a new thing like this?

Thing device Openhab_knx_things
{ Type switch : openhab_dummy1 ...

Or do i have to use this command: → switch-control ← instead of → switch ← ???

I don´t understand the knx-docs in this section…

The xxx.control KNX channel types are meant for this purpose. They are expected to be used with something like a glass panel, a UI.
The usual data excahange with openHAB Item is automatically reversed by xxx-control - an Item state change is passed out to KNX, an incoming KNX message generates an openHAB command.
In other words, the linked KNX device acts more like a GUI than like an actuator.