Where do discovered things go?

Here’s a typical newbee question, probably put forward here a hundred times, I just can’t find them.
My question is this: while playing around with OpenHab2 a little, after successfully installing it on my rPi and installing the Designer on my Ubuntu desktop, I found out that one can add and configure Things inside .thing files but also after automatic discovery. The only thing is, I don’t see the discovered (and accepted) Things in any .thing file. Is there no connection between these 2 worlds, or am I just missing it?

I’m a beginner with OH2 as well so bare with me if I’m wrong :wink:

There is two ways to add Things, through automatic discovery and .things files. Both ways the things ends up in the JsonDB. I chose the .things file way, it makes it easier for me to back them up and start over and I’m a text files guy rather than clicking in a UI.

That might explain things that I observe. But it also means that it i can not manually change the configuration using the Designer when Things were automatically detected. And it also means that these Things are not known to the Eclipse environment for auto-complete functions and the like…