Where do I find the Embedded MQTT Broker?


For some time I have been struggling to make MQTT binding work in openHAB2.4. Yesterday I found David Graeff’s article on “MQTT Arrives in the Modern openHAB 2.x Architecture”. Very interesting reading, but where do I find this new Embedded MQTT Broker? Under Add-ons I find only MQTT Binding binding-mqtt - 2.4.0.

Regards Ulrik

It can be found under the Misc tab instead of Binding!

Thanks Opus for guiding me in the right direction. I have found it under MISC as you wrote.

Regards Ulrik

Hi, I’m running “OpenHab openHAB 2.5.5-1 (Release Build)” and trying to install the Embedded MQTT Broker, but I can’t find it in the Add-ons->Misc tab (see below image). Is there any other way to install it? Thank you for any suggestion!

Add-ons->Misc-No Embedded MQTT|690x456

It is named MQTT Broker Moquette.
Please note that the support for this one is sort of ended (lack of volonteers). Most people use/ reommend the Mosquitto MQTT Broker.

Ok. Thank you! So basically Embedded MQTT is no more there and the Moquette also is ending. In conclusion, no more “embedded” broker server in OpenHab, only the binding.
I installed Mosquitto and now I’m trying to find the correct way to “subscribe” a thing / item by means of config files (I stopped using Paper UI, as it’s very slow to configure and it’s easy to “loose” control).

There are ‘tons’ of examples to be found in the forum, make sure you are using only the version2 ones (using things and the items are to be linked with {channel=.....!)

Yes, thank you. I was able to correctly setup the MQTT communication between my IoT device and OpenHab.