Where do to download 1.x bindings?

Dear all

I successfully avoided the migration of openhab from v 2.5 to 3.x while I was still using the old 1.x KNX binding.

Is there still any chance to download the old 1.x jar file from KNX binding? Can you please point me to the file? I was already searching Google up & down but couldn’t find it.

Thanks a lot for your help.

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P.S: Yes, I want to stay on v2.5 with the old KNX 1.x binding :wink:

Search for “legacy addons kar”

Hi @rossko57

thanks for your hint. I already downloaded them from official openhab website and added them to my addons-folder. However, when I want to install the KNX 1.x binding, it is not listed there, thus I was thinking I have to put the JAR file into the manual folder as well.

Thanks & regards

Please please think that over.
We’re approaching 3.3 and the now 4 yrs old arguments in OH2 vs OH1 - Why one should migrate are still valid. The thread applies likewise to OH3 vs OH2 except that a migration OH2->OH3, compared to OH1->OH2, will be rather smooth as it’s mostly backwards compatible. But you have to give up on 1.X bindings in favor of their 2.X replacements, then again that’s not hard for KNX - copy’n paste for the most part.
But with a 1.X binding to control the KNX heart of your home, you’re essentially still running on OH1, and that really isn’t supported any more in a long time.

What you’re encountering now I would consider to be an ultimate warning you shouldn’t be running / dependent on legacy software.
I wouldn’t want to live in an automated house that’s in danger of its automation software to be unavailable should I have to reinstall it for whatever reason. It’s like you’re in the extra time of a match of your favorite sports, but there’s no more grace period. Rules are ‘sudden death’ now.

May I kindly ask again for pointing to the download of a KNX v1.x JAR file?

I simply don’t want to migrate 2400 items.

Sure. You seem to be assuming though that I or anyone reading this knows about that but let’s make that point clear: we don’t know if or where that kar file exists because it’s outdated software, no longer maintained and we all have moved on to more current OH versions long ago.
And even if you find it once more, it’s just a question of time until THERE WILL NOT BE any such file available to work with OH 2 any more. Let alone anyone able and willing to help you with that when you have issues.

Noone would want to but that’s not the point. The point is your alternatives (well or rather lack thereof). Make yourself aware you are in a dead end. Put your energy into thinking how to most easily migrate or replace your config. This usually can be done with a script.
Besides, I wouldn’t believe you if you told me you have 2400 KNX data points you really need. You already are on OH2 for the non-KNX part of your config. That you need not migrate. So you don’t need to migrate 2400 items.
And any migration, forced or not, is always also a good point in time to validate and rework your existing config. Especially when you have been carrying on your config in a long time through OH upgrades, you will have a lot of legacy stuff on your your system you don’t really need and that you can get rid of this way. I’d guess that ultimately you will have far less items that you ultimately need to migrate, and that you can do with search’n replace or a script.

@JohnnyX I’m not sure which .kar file you downloaded. For the openhab 1.x bindings you need the openhab-addons-legacy-2.*.kar file.

I did some searching and found version 2.5.12 (and older versions) on maven. It seems to contain version 1.14.0 of the knx binding.