Where does openhab store the list of paired things?


any one could tell me where is the list of paired things saved? does openhab have a table or something like that where it store the list of paired things?
I know I can see it using the cli or using the API, however I am more concerned about the actual file where those information are stored, thanks.

I see nothing like that in openHAB documentation for Things.

yes same. I looked but could not find anything. I was wondering if someone knows more about it.

You are not using the correct terminology. There is no such term ad paired Things. That is meaningless in the context of openHAB.

What is it you are really trying to ask?

Common @Bruce_Osborne :roll_eyes: no need to troll :wink:

I assume he is asking about linked channels.

Everything configured via. PaperUI is being stored in the JSONDB


I was not trolling. I truly did not understand the question.
Perhaps your mind reading capabilities are better than mine.:wink:

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Thank you man. truly appreciate it

One more question please, is it fair to assume that if I back up the jsondb folder and then copy it to a new raspberry pi with openhab, this one will get automatically paired with those devices in the Jsondb folder without having to go through the process again?

There is a console cli command to backup OpenHAB.

openhab-cli backup ? then I should just do unzip and move the folder back to their place or there is a special restore command?

I think there is the openhab-cli restore command. I have not done this though.

To make a Backup:

sudo openhab-cli backup --full

Move the backup zip file to PC or other device.

To restore the backup:

Place the backup zip file into the backups folder and stop OH,

sudo systemctl stop openhab2

To restore the backup use:

openhab-cli restore /path/to/zipped/backup (var/lib/openhab2/backups)

After that start up OH:

sudo systemctl start openhab2

This will backup /etc/openhab2/ and /var/lib/openhab2/
This way, the information about installed addons is backuped, but not the addons itself, so when installing openhab2 new, the actual version of the bindings will be installed.
The only things to backup in addition, are the manually installed addons.