Where is device configuration stored


I have a general question about z-wave devices. After reading available docs, I had an impression that configuration is stored on device itself. Having some problems configuring from PaperUI, I used ozwcp to change some parameters. After switching back to OH2, I don’t see those changes there. Is it normal, or am I having (even) more problems with my devices?

Yes - that’s correct. Once you configure a device, it is saved on the device. If that’s not happening, then very likely the configuration was not sent.

However, OH2 will download the configuration when it starts, so if this isnt happening, then what OH2 thinks is the state, and the real state may get out of sync.

Thanks. I think the problem is that conf is not sent to device despite several “wake up” cycles. This particular device (Aeotec MultiSensor 6/1) is really annoying beast. I’ve found several manuals, and they seem to contradict each other, also on how to wake up the device. I will keep experimenting.

Another inconsistency is firmware upgrade. This page:
Says latest firmware is 1.18 while this one (recently updated)

Says it’s 1.07 (with 1.08 being experimental). Those 2 sources differs even on how to upgrade firmware.
I’m totally confused, it’s a total mess. And I thought Fibaro has shitty documentation :wink:

There is the old multisensor with 1.18 and the new Gen5 multisensor 6 with the experimental 1.8

Ok, so I was able to send configuration from habmin2. Paper UI was doing some extra validation on configuration, and some items were not valid, not sure how they got there really (device was reset to factory defaults)
Thanks for help. Sensor seems to be working better, still monitoring the situation