Where is HABpanel config file on the server?

I know I can edit the servier-side config for HABpanel using: PaperUI->Services->UI->HABPanel or openhab> config:edit org.openhab.habpanel (actually the latter doesnt work)

Where is the JSON config file for a Panel setting , for HABPanel, on “my server” (/srv/openhab2 on my machine)

I’ve edited once but forgot its darn location :frowning:


That file is formatted such that it may as well be binary in terms of human edit-ability.

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Yes Rich, that’s the issue for me, I’m trying to find the JSON version , similar to the local (on device) config file which is JSON and can be edited.

Reason I ask is that I’ve created a dashboard in the panel that uses a lot of widgets and I want to cut and paste to create other dashboards and tweak the linked items.

Like I say, I can only see -as you say - the binary (or might well as be) versions under my /srv directory.

There is no other version. That file is all there is. And it’s is json. But json doesn’t mean editable by mere humans.

HABPanel was never made to be edited by hand.

Fixed it. using Android phone OH app, I just saved it locally , exported to a file, went to OH and a PC, imported the file, edited locally and then saved to the server. Back on the phone i selected the server config. All good.

A little more step by step tutorial posting would be greatly appreciated by HABPanel users I’m sure.

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in the HOWTO guide section?

Yep, the Tutorials and Solutions category.

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