Where is openhab installed to?

But before that, you have to create an items file. Both the items and the sitemap files are edited in your editor of choice. The files’ location is in the “conf” directory of openHAB:

great, and where can I find the “conf”-folder??? Where is Openhab installed to??

I think some more information is needed here. How did you install it? Which OS are you on?

I used the image for the raspberry pi. It´s already pissing me off :smiley:

I think migration won´t work, nothing works like it is documented (e,g.g this karaf console, wtf??)

I´ll try to set it all up manually, but I won´t invest days or weeks, if I don´t get it to run in 1 or 2 days I´ll go back to my old openhab and look for an easier controller for future projects…

I found openhab2 in /etc/ but there is no conf folder…

@siod, the following page will be useful to you, assuming you are following the migration tutorial in the same docs site:


You can see from here that the conf folder is “/etc/openhab2”,

Thx Benji, but I already see, look here look there…It looks like weeks of studying documentations that are scattered all over the place. I thought Openhab2 will be a very easy to setup version but it´s the same as before and I don´t have the time for that. Will leave this project here, thanks anyway!! Keep on going!

Using the link @Benjy posted it should take you no more than 30 seconds to find the folder.

If you used a debian package then your conf folder is: /etc/openhab2
If you manually installed from the zip the you’re likely to find it: /opt/openhab2/conf

If you are looking for something quick and easy, you will be better off with a closed proprietary solution. openHAB is for the enthusiast who wants to connect everything in his or her true smart home and who is not afraid of reading a few pages of documentation to do so.

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