Where is sensor config data stored?

If I set up config parameters on a sensor and ‘see’ these reflected in Openhab - where are these saved?
Are they written to somewhere within the Openhab server installation folders (therefore are static to the machine on which they were setup) or might they be written to the EEPROM of the z-wave controller stick so that they would move with the stick if it was transferred to another host machine (in my case another rpi)?
I don’t seem to be observing either, in that I moved the zwave USB stick to another rpi, and I copied all of the folder structure from the original host onto the same second rpi, but I didn’t get the same outcomes on the second rpi as I did on the original host.

I’d really like to get to the bottom of this.
Should I be able to do the following?

Get an installation of openhab working to my satisfaction on a windows laptop.
Take the Aeon Labs Z-Stick out of the laptop and move it to an rpi 3
Copy the whole openhab folder and all sub-folders from the windows laptop to the rpi
Change the config from COM3 to dev/ttyACM0 (works)
Grant executable permissions to start.sh and start_debug.sh

I expect this to work - wherever the config is stored (controller, sensor or openhab folders) should be available to the rpi.
And yet it doesn’t work.
Two of the three nodes continue to work but a third (Fibaro FGMS-001 is having none of it.

Any ideas?

Many thanks in advance