Where is System Location (Regional Settings) stored?

I can’t find this in docs or here, but is there a config file where system location is written to? Every now and then, I have to rebuild my installation (things get sketchy between snapshot builds, or major changes, etc.) and I’ve gotten it down to writing a new openhabian image, letting it install, then dumping my openhab-conf backup over top of the fresh install. Most of the things work off the bat, but I’m left with a few things I have to re-configure manually, i.e:

-System Location (under System/Regional Settings in PaperUI, to allow my Astro binding to work correctly)
-Zwave controller thing gets a new instance ID (solved with a quick search/replace in my items file)
-Zwave thermostat reverts to Celsius, and I have to manually set it to Fahrenheit again in PaperUI

All in all, not a painful process, but I’d like to optimize it even more.


Edit to add: I should have specified, but coming over from a previous 1.x installation, I do not have a .things file currently. I let OH2 populate my Inbox with all the things based on bindings I select (Hue, Zwave, Astro, etc), and just add them all as part of the install procedure. I guess having a .things file, I could set the geolocation attribute in astro, and hardcode the zwave controller id?

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How are you adding back the zwave controller? You can change the name of the serial controller Thing when you read it and if you use a consistent name your Thing id’s won’t change

I’m letting it auto discover once the zwave binding is installed (via addons.cfg). Seems like the thing ID just auto-generates a new ID every time I re add. Where do I hard code that?

I don’t know.

I always use the following procedure:

Once all the bindings are reinstalled open Inbox -> + -> zwave -> add manually -> zwave serial controller. One of the fields is “Thing ID” and I always change that to “dongle”.

That replaces the automatically generated string with a static string. Any subsequently discovered zwave Things use the controller’s Thing ID as part of their ID. By setting it manually to the same thing all your Things will come back with the same ID.

I’ve never had the controller be detected using autodetection. I didn’t even know that was possible. I always thought you had to manually add the controller like it says in the docs.

Ahh, that’s the ticket - adding it manually allows the ThingID to be set. Thank you!

Yeah, every time I’ve reinstalled OH2+, I’ve gotten it automatically detected, and the thingID automatically set.

been searching for a bit for this myself:
locale can be set in {openhab}/services/runtime.cfg:


I tried it that way but it seems not to work for timezone and location. I added it to my runtime.cfg and restarted openhab, but it seems to be not taken over. After a restart the location and timezone are not send in paperui. Also the log says nothing that the timezone and location are set to a certain value.