Where is the MQTT binding for OH2 on RPi

I have set up OH2 according to the tutorial. I already have a MQTT server in my network.

If I try to install the MQTT binding via the Paper UI I cannot find it. After the Mindcraft binding follows the Netatmo binding.

Do I have to enable some search paths or how can I install it manually?

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BTW, I have to two options activated in Configuration -> System -> Add-On Management

  • Access Remote Repository
  • Include Legacy 1.x Bindings

Yet there is only a OH1 MQTT-Binding. To install in OH2 edit the /services/addons.cfg file:
binding = mqtt1

A itemconfig would look like:

Number HWR_Temp "HWR Temperatur DHT11 [%.1f °C]"         <temperature>    (GF_HWR, Sensoren,HWR_Messwerte)    {mqtt="<[broker:haus/Klingel/HWR-DHT11-temperature:state:default]"}

Editing addons.cfg is a method from the openHAB 2.0 snapshot times. I would advice against using this method because it’s error prone. Addons can be installed via Paper UI.

That’s what your setup should present to you

When I last updated, some things did’nt work anymore. I “wanted” to write about that, but forgot…
Is there a list of things which change and have to be considered?

My point is that MQTT does NOT show up in Paper UI.

I don't mind editing config files. And I don't think it is error prone. But I do want to know what is necessary to make MQTT show up in Paper UI.

Versendet mit der SolMail-App

I had to reinstall openhab2 from scratch to solve my problem.

MQTT is not part of the available bindings if you choose “simple” installation over “standard”. And there is no (documented) way to add a binding to PaperUI after the first installation.

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