Where is the openhab cfg file on the Raspberry Pi?

I installed openhab on a Raspberry Pi 2. It is running and the demo sitemap is on. I can also see it on my Android device.

But I can’t find the openhab.cfg or openhab_default.cfg file. Where is it?

It’s not under /etc/openhab/configurations



/etc/openhab/configurations is where openhab_default.cfg is installed when openHAB is installed using the recommended apt-get method of installation. Once that file is in place, you would copy it to openhab.cfg and make changes to that copy. The runtime does not use the file openhab_default.cfg.


Thanks for the quick answer.

As I said in the post, there is no openhab_default.cfg under /etc/openhab/configurations.

I did use the apt-get method (followed the directions from: http://www.makeuseof.com/tag/getting-started-openhab-home-automation-raspberry-pi/)

On my windows system I made changes to the openhab_default.cfg file and they seem to impact the runtime. Is this a different behavior on windows (version 1.7.1)?

Anyway, can I just copy the openhab_defaults.cfg file from windows to the raspberry pi?



There should not be different behavior between the platforms here.

That should be no problem.

@watou, this is the second time I’ve seen on this forum that a brand new install of OH via apt-get seems to be missing files.

@dmintz, can you check to see if you have /etc/openhab/ logback.xml and /etc/default/openhab ?

There might be a problem on Raspberry Pi with the apt-get install if those files are also missing. I was helping someone on this thread deal with a similar issue. I thought his problem was because he may have had stuff hanging around from a previous install. But if other people are seeing missing files on a clean install of openHAB from apt-get we clearly have a problem.

I do have these two files.
My install is on a brand new RP2 so it can’t be due to a previous install

Good. I was concerned that there might be something wrong with the installer. It would seem the other issue I saw was unrelated.