Where is the openHAB start page configured?

Where/how is the page showing at xxx:8080/start/index configured?
I’m having a link to Grafana there, but for what reson ever the link is pointing to a different host, not the one where it is installed. So the link from the start page does not work (as the server does not exist).
Besides of that annoyance everything is OK, Grafana is running (on the same server as openHAB) and I have access to it from openHAB.
So has anyone an idea how i could correct the link on the start page?

Here’s a link that will help with your question.

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Unfortunately, this didn’t help too much. I assume it might be in /start/index, but I got no clue where I should look for this…

A search for dasboard should have lead you to the following discussion

Hi @hmerk,
thanks for the link - that was the solution.
-> The dashboard is configured in OpenHAB-conf/services/dashboard.cfg

My problem was not beeing to lazy to do a search but the missing keyword “dashboard” :wink:

I never said you are lazy :wink: