Where is the ZWave Log Viewer?

Hi, in some messages i met “ZWave Log Viewer” under habmin2. Well i use openHAB2 and Habmin 2.0.0 and Log viewer is nowhere to be found. Also, tried the Log Viewer in http://www.cd-jackson.com/index.php/openhab/zwave-log-viewer and try to load my openhab.log file, but in Node View there’s only Node 255 without any info altough i have 12 ZWave nodes working. Is the Log Viewer abandoned or that i have a problem?


The log viewer on @chris web site is working fine (I just checked it).

Are you certain the binding is in debug mode?

Wow, i knew some extra step was needed :slight_smile: Thank you Mark for the information. I will try it when i get back home.