Where to add homekit tag other than in an .items file

To get Home app working I manually created an items file with corresponding tags , just as per openhab manual. Works perfectly.

However, I am wondering if it is possible to add the tags directly to a jason file.
Could someone please help mE?

2nd question which is independent from the first one.
(assume that I have deleted my items file before).
I can see lots of habmin “items” which have a corresponding “channel” in Paper UI thing. However, the manual says that items and channels are two different terms.
I’m a little bit confused. Could somebody please explain?

Many thanks in advance


I don’t use Habmin but posting your items may help someone explain it.

I do not have any items created by myself. Item linking ist activated (items are created automatically).
habmin items:

paper ui channels:

Things have Channels and an Item can link to a Channel. Please review openHAB concepts.

This exactly what I mean.
Paper UI does not show me ANY items. But habmin does show me items.
Paper UI shows me channels. But habmin does not.

You need to turn off Simple Mode. It was a bad idea and hides Items.
Nobody here uses it

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