Where to edit items after upgrade

I’ve upgraded from 1.8 to 2 (I’m now running Jan 23 nightly build)

I copied all my .items over as well as .rules and a .sitemap

Now I noticed when I add an item using paperui or habmin based on a Thing, it doesn’t get persisted back into my .items file. It’s also not clear whether these items are available in my .rules file, as my tests so far haven’t panned out. Where does new items get stored when created from paperui or habmin, and can I change the .items via text editing?

Alternately, should I avoid adding items with the web UI?

I recommend reviewing the Migration Tutorial.

Items created in PaperUI get saved to a database. You should be able to access any Items from rules.

You can use a mix of .items files and the UIs but:

  • Items defined in .items files can only be modified through the .items files
  • Items created in PaperUI or Habmin can only be modified through the UIs
  • Items that need to be bound to 1.9 version bindings can only be created in .items files.
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Thanks - Where is the database file and can I view it to better understand how this works?