Where to find JSONPATH transformation addon in OH2 Docker?

I 've recently migrated my OH2 install from RPi3 to Docker on Linux server. Now I receive errors in my openhab.log “Transformation service JSONPATH for pattern $.Wifi.RSSI not found!”. I understand from checking this forum this is related to missing install of addon transformation JSONPATH. Where do I find this addon? Paper UI Addon’s does not list JSONPATH nor Transformation.

PaperUI should have under addons a tab Transformations (horizontally listed ) , which should contain JSONPath Transformation. Can’t say if that is different on a docker installation.

OK thanks. Not there in my Docker installation. Can anybody confirm if they have it. I’m running 2.5.3. Is there a way to add it to the container?

Works fine for me with the OH 2.5.3 Docker container!

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Hmmm that looks very different from my view. Did you do something at startup to activate “Actions”, “Persistence”, “Transformations” and “User Interfaces”?

I just did an upgrade to 2.5.4 and now I’ve the same view as you showed (although you have 2.5.3 like I had). So there was something wrong with my image. Thanks all for helping out.

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According to your screenshot you were using the experimental 2.5.3-SNAPSHOT images instead of the stable 2.5.3 release images. Maybe there was some issue with the last 2.5.3-SNAPSHOT build. :thinking:

My bad, I was testing something and forgot when going for “production” to edit the compose file back to latest stable release. Good catch!