Where to find source files of habPanel and PaperUI? Help needed :-(

  • Platform information:
    • Hardware: Raspberry PI 3 Model B
    • OS:raspbian
    • openHAB version: 2

hello everybody,

i want to edit the HTML Template of habpanel, i mean the source html file of it. but i cant find the directory on my raspberry where this file is stored… does anybody can help me and tell me the location of the file? I am also searching for the html files of paperUI and classicUI if anyone knows the locations of there html files this would also be helpful.

in my browser if i access my habpanel i see the path http:ip_adress:8080/start/index.html

But i cant find a start folder containing a index html file.

it would very helpful if someone can post the locations/directories

thank you

cheers, tobi

I don’t think it works like that. OpenHAB acts as a server running say PHP, and builds the HTML on the fly.

hmm okay i hoped, because of angular is a client side rendering framework, that there is a possibility to access the html files. i thought about editing these html files to create a “little” bit of user login etc. but as you say its just on the fly than there might be no way of doing this without touching the php scripts. thank you

but what about the openHab user provided static content folder?
Like http://device-address:8080/static/index.png
where it is possible to serve a html file through the HTTP server of openHAB.
i have a few questions to this:
1)is it possible to serve a angular application out of this folder ?
2)if yes, is there a way to access items out of this application without using mqtt services or else?

thank you

cheers, tobi

I believe the answer is in the name of the folder: static

angular projects are client sided rendered, so i thought it could be served from that static folder?
cheers, tobi