Where to find the PaperUI Thins items Controls page

Freshly installed OH3 on my Synology using Docker network_mode bridged.
After 3.0 latest (3.0.2) giving download errors switched to latest milestone, which started correctly.
It found my zwave usb dongle and afterwards several things, of which I added the switches (for now).
After selecting the thing in the Administration->Settings->Things, I can see its Thing tab, containing the zwave device configuration, and in the Channels tab, its channels, which can be linked to items.

In my old abandoned OH2.5 PaperUI there was a (as I maybe incorrectly recall) a control page, where one could test/trigger the channels, or read channel values.

When my assumption is correct, is this also available for OH3, and where is this found in the UI, or do I have to create items before testing the channels?


PaperUI does not exist in openHAB 3.
Testing can also be done in the items or model section of the new oh3 UI.

Yes, as @hmerk alludes to: use the “Add Equipment to Model” button (or similar wording) towards the bottom of your Thing Channel page to quickly create Items for all your Channels.

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