Where to place Gardena config?


I started using OpenHAB yesterday, so I’m a real beginner.
I try to enable the Gardena Binding.
The documentation tells me to have the next configuration:

Bridge gardena:account:home [ email="...", password="...", apiKey="..." ]

I have this information, but… where do I create this configuration?

You have two possibilites
a) use a things file which is to be placed in $OPENHAB_CONF/things which is /etc/openhab/things on a system that uses deb package as installation base
b) auto discovery and configuration of things in the UI

For further information have a look at Things | openHAB
As you did not provide more information about your setup ( which OS, which OH version, do you use openhabian ) the answer might not be perfect for your environment.

yes, works! thanks!

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