Where to place resources for dependencies of a binding?

Still developing my addon - getting from one issue in dependency handling to next :wink:

Using ical4j requires a setting for using an internal cache for Timezones. However, the library is configured using a properties file. The file is loaded as Resource (see here: net.fortuna.ical4j.util.ResourceLoader @ github ). Where do i need to place the file that it can be found by the library?

The feature.xml lists ical4j as normal dependency, inside maven it’s declared as compile-scoped.

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resources in Java are commonly placed in src/main/resources folder.

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Yes normally this works. However, using a dependency, it did not read out correctly. Maybe it’s because the classpath is modified through OSGi-implementation.

The solution in my case was setting the Property by System.setProperty(String, String), which is a bit dirty as it may pollute.