Where to put sonoff PoW before or after circuit breaker

The sonoff PoW rating is 16A 3500w, where do you position this device?

Between main power line and Mcb box, or after each circuit breaker going into the house?

This sound that you are not very familiar with electric installations. You better ask an eketrician.

The curcuit breaker should protect you and your house. Based on that the connection between main power line and MCB Box should be a no touch for you. So the Sonoff should between the MCB box and your whatever device.

Be aware that some people had problems with the Sonoff devices an Highpower.

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I advise you to use the Sonoff POW only for end devices that use currents less than 10A. I personally only use them when they sometimes peak to 10A, but generally use way less. I would advise against mounting them on your circuit breaker board.

For measuring the usage for applicances (under 10A) you would use a POW. For measuring the used power per electricity group you can use a current sensor like this CT Sensor.

If you would like to monitor the total power per electricity group, The Open Energy Monitor project makes some nice kits and hardware. I would advise you to have a look.

Thanks for the reply

Since it seems installing sonoff PoW requires tampering with the house electrical wires then I will get electrician to do it. I think it is required by the power company anyway

Thanks so much