Where to start 1.8.2 or 2.0b1

Just got new RPi 3, up and working, never used or seen a RPi until now, want to install oHAB but not sure which version to start with. Since I have zero idea what I am doing, never used oHAB, which software version would be the best for me to start from scratch with? Seems like from the reading I did, everything is migrating to 2.0 and 1.x is being abandon/not supported.

Looked in the Tutorials & Examples category, was unable to find any helpful Tutorials, was hoping maybe someone could point me in the right direction for Tutorials such as- “New to oHAB, start here” or “No faking idea what you are doing, start here” or “Village Idiots Tutorial” or “Step by step guide to setup” Basically a starting point for us clueless guys to start from. Pretty much everything in this section assumes you have some clue what you are doing, I don’t.


Hey TXDego, looks like you and I are sort of at the same place. For myself, I think that I am not going to play/use version 1.8.2 and just started with 2.0b2. The reasons I did this is because the 2 versions are significantly different in how things are set up and so why learn about a version that will be abandoned.

As for a step by step setup, version 2 docs are just not as far along yet. I did just read a msg posted by @Kai asking @rlkoshak how things are coming on the docs.

If I can give you a hand just pm me.