Where %unit% are defined?

Maybe odd question, but is there a way how to define/edit what’s in %unit% ?
let’s say I have

Number:Pressure         CurrentPressure     "Pressure [%.1f %unit%]"        <pressure>      { channel="somechannel" }
Number:Temperature      CurrentTemperature  "Temperature [%.1f %unit%]"     <temperature>   { channel="somechannel" }

It’s correctly showing % and °C but I had no luck to find out where it is defined or if I can change it somewhere.
I asume it’s from regional setting?

Is there a way to define own?

It comes from the regional setting as you surmise. I think the bindings can provide hints for this as well.

Of course!

In place of %unit% just tell it what unit you want to use.

"Pressure [%.1f hPA]"
"Temperature [%.1f °F]"
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