Which cameras are compatible with OH?


Has anyone managed to connect IP cameras to their z-wave setup?

Im trying to find which devices I should buy for an ‘almost’ seemless integration into a z-wave system.
The compatibility list is… well lets just say it needs work :slight_smile:

Just looking for a manufacturer at this stage, will then do the research from there

If it helps:
Indoor and Outdoor cameras
HD 720p minimum
Night vision capability
Wifi connected
And eventually, I’ll be getting a tablet fixed to the wall and would like a constant feed to be available on demand

Any help, greatly appreciated!

OH doesn’t really do cameras. You can put the mjpeg steam on your sitemap but that is about it. If you want to get motion detection events or control the camera somehow you will need to look elsewhere. In my research the two most popular packages are Zoneminder and iSpy. There is an article on the wiki for hire to integrate ZM with OH

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