Which cheap device as a smart wall socket and must be a firmware change?

I want ask which product you will recommend as cheap smart wall socket ?
My first idea was try a LSC smart connect power socket, but found that this device has some hw updates and isn’t good for openhab.
Is necessary do a firmware change to get devices working with openhab?

Xiaomi zigbee wall socket. Standard zigbee. Plug and play.
Anything running tasmota (sonoff) will communicate with mqtt as well.
Lots of options.

I prefere devices which can run localy without connection to outside network and localy I don’t want install mqtt support. Also price is important for me.

why not simply put a Shelly behind the socket, or if in Europe, get a Shelly Socket which can hold a Shelly behind…

None of the devices I suggested requires cloud, and if you don’t want to use mqtt then you’ll have a hard time finding alternatives.

Good luck and share whatever your solution is!

shelly behind the socket looks really good.
But first of all I think I need a socket with timer. I need timer, which can run without wifi connection (means time configuration is saved in the device) and also power measurement isn’t necessary.