Which database for version 2

I have running now version 2 on a pi4. Have a velbus connection and all is working fine for about 4years. I have problems with the mysql database and like to switch over to an Odroid( because the raspberry pi4 is out of stock) i don’t find anything in the mysql now. Will it mean that openhab 2 will not use a database and that i can remove the mysql from the pi4 without interupting the working from openhab?

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openHAB2 is outdated since 2020 :wink: maybe consider to upgrade to openHAB3.4.1 (this is the current stable version).
In question of database (MySQL) you can use the jdbc persistence service which lets you choose between different databases, a common choice would be MariaDB on a debian or ubuntu platform.

openHAB won’t stop working if you stop MySQL, it will stop to persist states though. Best option is to stop persisting on purpose (i.e. comenting out the items to persist).

Thanks for the reply, i know there is a newer version, but for what I use, Openhab, 2.15.2 works fine. My question was: Is version 2.15.2 is using a database like mysql… I don’t see any entry in phpmyadmin.
The problem i have is that on the same PI4 where Openhab is running, there is another program using mysql and i cannot update that program because i’ts having problem with mysql. So, I like to remove the program and mysql (mariadb) and start over, or move it to OdroidN2+ because Raspberry PI4 is out of stock.
So, when i remove mysql (mariadb) is Openbab still working.
I have only a Velbus link to switch on/off the lights and open the garagedoor whem i’am outside and forgot my keys. No filters, no rules, nothing else, just switch-on/off

That would sound as if you have no persistence service installed in openHAB. If that is true you could remove mysql without any harm to openHAB.
To be sure you could check in PaperUI if a persistence service is installed.