Which hardware for Z-Wave?

I’m looking to add Z-wave to my OpenHAB system. I have OpenHAB running in a Raspberry Pi2. Do people recommend the RaZberry board from z-wave.me, or would I be better off getting an Aeon/Aeotec USB stick?

I tested both Aeon S2 and Gen 5 with RPi, found Gen 5 better range and less CAN, TIMEOUT errors.
I can recomend them, they in my opinion are more flexible (you can connect it to different hardware, they also have a nice feature of battery power so you can take them with you during inclusion/exclusion of z-wave nodes).

I have no experiense with RaZberry, so it is hard to say which one is better.

I chose to go RaZberry.
I decided against Aeon’s gen5 stick because at least at the time being, there was no possibility to backup/restore the stick’s contents, which will become a major problem once you have to replace it.
Aeon intended to add this function, but I didn’t follow if they have implemented it by now.

RaZberry’s drawback is that you can’t disconnect the board and run around your house to include devices like you can with the Aeon stick. But first it’s ZWave Plus (so you reach most devices without running around anyway), and second, you can take your whole Pi2 with you if you empower it from a smartphone battery pack.

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