Which hub to choose with a Synology Openhab and Raspberrymatic


as a new user I am struggling abit with the bestw ay to implement some “smart” lights.
Openhab is running and controlling my HomematicIP thermostat - thats fine.

But I am a bit novice on the smart bulbs/lights side. At the moment I have a Tradfri Hub with 4 bulbs.
The binding via script or via the panel is kind of frustrating, sometimes it works - then after a Hub reboot it does not and I have to set up the codes and sharing secret stuff all over again.
I also learned that the Tradfri HUb is ONLY for Ikea so no other brands can be bound to it.

So here my question:
Is the Philips Hue Hub the better choise, as it provides more brands to bind and also works with ikea lights?

I still can return the Ikea Hub, so I get my money back and spend a bit more on the Hue.

Any recomendations are highly appreciated.