Which item types are supported by the remote openHAB binding?


I have a general question about the remote openHAB binding: Which item types are supported by the remote openHAB binding?

I have installed it on two instances. After that I created respectively a thing for each server. In the end I have on both sides more trigger channels than items. So I can not link each channel to the item. It doesn’t matter now whether I try to link this via the Thing from the remote openHAB binding or via an item and add a channel there. Neither works.

I suspect that only switch items will work. However, there is nothing in the documentation about this.

On both instances I have as example following items:

Group gIoT_Hue_Lampe6          			                                 "Lampe 6"                                  <lightbulb>                     (gIoT_WandLampen)
Switch iIoT_Hue_Lampe6_Schalter       		                             "Schalter"                                 <light>                         (gIoT_Hue_Lampe6)                                   {channel="hue:0210:00178825916e:23:color"}
Color iIoT_Hue_Lampe6_Farbe          		                             "Farbe"                                    <colorwheel>                    (gIoT_Hue_Lampe6)                                   {channel="hue:0210:00178825916e:23:color"}
Dimmer iIoT_Hue_Lampe6_Helligkeit     		                             "Helligkeit"                               <light>                         (gIoT_Hue_Lampe6)                                   {channel="hue:0210:00178825916e:23:color"}
Dimmer iIoT_Hue_Lampe6_Farbtemperatur 		                             "Farbtemperatur"                           <rgb>                           (gIoT_Hue_Lampe6)                                   {channel="hue:0210:00178825916e:23:color_temperature"}
String iIoT_Hue_Lampe6_Alarm          		                             "Alarm"                                    <alarm>                         (gIoT_Hue_Lampe6)                                   {channel="hue:0210:00178825916e:23:alert"}
Switch iIoT_Hue_Lampe6_Farbeffekt     		                             "Farbeffekt"                               <colorwheel>                    (gIoT_Hue_Lampe6)                                   {channel="hue:0210:00178825916e:23:effect"}

If I try to link the channel I have as example:

    Item iIoT_Hue_Lampe6_Helligkeit
    remoteopenhab:server:192_168_0_22:iIoT_Hue_Lampe6_Helligkeit (Dimmer)
    Item iIoT_Hue_Lampe6_Helligkeit from the remote server.

Only following items can be linked / discovered:

Farbeffekt (iIoT_Hue_Lampe6_Farbeffekt)
Schalter (iIoT_Hue_Lampe6_Schalter)

So only the switch items can be found. It is only a simple example.

Thanks in advance.

remoteopenhab works for any kind of item.
It’s unclear how you configure items (files, apparently) and how you try to actually create the things (discovery in UI ?) and links (???).
If you have put links in .items files you cannot change in UI afterwards. You then are mixing file and UI config. I assume this is more or less where your problem is. Mixing can cause all sorts of trouble and is not recommended at all let alone if you don’t understand 100% what you do and may do there.

I´m already using mutiple item types like Switch, Number, String and String.
I had to wait some time before every Channel from the remote openHAB instance came up in my main instance.

I can not say it better.

Strange because the way the binding is working is to first set all channels at startup with their current states and then update them when they are updated in the remote server (by listening to changes through a SSE link).