Which Light Bulb?

I currently use OpenHAB only with Homematic components, but for a little table lamp, I want do buy a RGBW LED light bulp. What is a cheap, goodly-working solution? My OpenHAB runs on a Raspberry Pi 3.
Zigbee Stick + Zigbee lamp? Osram? IKEA? Hue? A Wifi light bulp? Bluetooth?

I am sure others will have different opinions, but here is mine: I went with Hue
This was pre-Tradfri times, Osram was not supported by OH, I did not want to rely on my phone (rules out bluetooth), wanted an option that does not need a cloud connection (rules out quite a few wifi connected bulbs), had no zigbee use, and finally wanted something that added redundancy in case my OH2 server is down…hence take it all together Hue it was…not cheap, but easy, did I mention I like easy, offers redundancy (I know it’s a phone app, but it is easy to use and works) and easily available where I live…just my two cents…not sure you can have cheap and a great working solution and easy (well, you did not mention easy…sorry my bias)…curious to see the opinion of others

I am using limitlessled bulps, which are same as/or similar to milgiht bulps. These work great with the milight binding and you can also buy a remote or use a smart phone app to control them.

I have both, a hue and a lightify gateway. From a price pov both are in the same range, both not cheap. Gateway is about 30 euro.

Setting up the hue was a breeze, put a network cable in and off you go. Lightify was horror, you need to rely on some wifi autodiscovery magic which did not work at the start. But after that it works similar.

Hue gateway can connect to lightify stuff, but not vice versa.