Which log entry indicates z-wave node settings update?

I have a question about updating z-wave parameters of devices.

If I change the parameters in habmin I get an log entry
2017-10-26 19:13:01.116 [ThingUpdatedEvent ] - Thing ‘zwave:device:15a7a49f3a6:node50’ has been updated.
017-10-26 19:13:01.117 [ConfigStatusInfoEvent ] - ConfigStatusInfo [configStatusMessages=[ConfigStatusMessage [parameterName=config_53_4, type=PENDING, messageKey=null, arguments=null, message=null, statusCode=null]]]

But I think this indicates only that habmin whats to send something to the device.

Is there a log entry to know that the device acknowledged the update?

In HABmin it will show PENDING next to the configuration until the acknowledgement is received.

Thanks chris:
I recognized a funny thing. I have 30 Fibaro FGK Door/Window Sonsors. But the wakeup time settings are totally different. Is there a reason why?

I want to solve this problem and changed them in Habmin. Not I have to check all nodes about status pending.

If I reboot OH, does this indicator is there again or lost due to reboot?

No - they probably should be the same, although I don’t think there’s anything to actually set that, but the devices probably should default to the same value.

If you restart OH, then any messages that are queued are lost so pending commands will not be sent.