Which parts of icalendar do you use?

Hey guys,

Which parts of icalendar do you currently use?
  • current event presence and next event display
  • command tags
  • calendar metadata
  • event filter thing

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I’m trying to figure out how the iCalendar binding is used by the community to decide how critical a breaking change would be. That does not mean there won’t be breaking changes but it maybe helps to get a different point of view as you clearly don’t want to change your configuration often. Please do not choose items you like to use in future.

I do use event filtering and my favorite enhancement would be the current event presence for the filtered events :slight_smile:
I am not sure what is meant by “calendar metadata”, thus most probably do not use this :wink:


Calendar metadata is currently only the last-update channel of the calendar-bridge itself.

Yes filtering current events is a feature often requested, now i started to implement something in that direction. Please don’t ask for ETA.

For the reference:


Follow the latter to get notified about progress.

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thanks for the info, then actually I do use this :slight_smile: My calendar provider is a bit shaky and I use this to notify me if update failed for a while (this was mainly needed when there was this issue with the http connection which is resolved now but my check is still in place)

in the EventFilter there is the possibility to filter on the following fields:

  • Description/Content
  • comment
  • Contact
  • location

Unfortunately there is no event channel for this information.
Is there another way to access this information? or possibly planned to add channels in the binding for this?

A trigger for notifications before the event starts would also be a nice feature. :grinning:
Regards Ulf

Currently, there is no way to retrieve information about events other than you know. The PR above includes already that information for live events. However i did not get feedback, so it’s in the state of mid-november and surely needs to get rebased and recompiled to run on a current daily build. I currently can’t rebase it as my computer for such work is physically broken and my daily driver is not able to do that.

Thanks for the feedback, if the information goes into the live event that would be great.
I hope your computer gets better soon.
Best regards

Was able to rebase and build on a machine for current snapshot. Please test!