Which parts of icalendar do you use?

Hey guys,

Which parts of icalendar do you currently use?
  • current event presence and next event display
  • command tags
  • calendar metadata
  • event filter thing

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I’m trying to figure out how the iCalendar binding is used by the community to decide how critical a breaking change would be. That does not mean there won’t be breaking changes but it maybe helps to get a different point of view as you clearly don’t want to change your configuration often. Please do not choose items you like to use in future.

I do use event filtering and my favorite enhancement would be the current event presence for the filtered events :slight_smile:
I am not sure what is meant by “calendar metadata”, thus most probably do not use this :wink:


Calendar metadata is currently only the last-update channel of the calendar-bridge itself.

Yes filtering current events is a feature often requested, now i started to implement something in that direction. Please don’t ask for ETA.

For the reference:


Follow the latter to get notified about progress.


thanks for the info, then actually I do use this :slight_smile: My calendar provider is a bit shaky and I use this to notify me if update failed for a while (this was mainly needed when there was this issue with the http connection which is resolved now but my check is still in place)