Which radiator thermostat fits best with openHAB?


I use openHAB mainly with Shelly switches.
Are there any WLAN radiator thermostats for use here in germany that work directly (without special bridge) with openHAB?

Awaiting your replies and suggestions.

Thanks a lot.

My understanding if is you are looking for a Wi-Fi thermostat. In my experience they are usually battery operated. Wi-Fi has high network overhead which hurts battery life. Z-Wave and Zigbee mesh networks were designed to maximize battery life of low bandwidth devices such as this.

I am in the US though and we tend to use forced air heat, without radiators.

This is something which I may copy one day. Requires mains power.

depends on what you understand by that.
No there are not. You can use MAX! and HomeMatic with either the MAX! cube or homegear as a bridge, including RF hardware. And there’s ZWave thermostats. They require a zwave controller (another RF sender USB stick).


If you have a Fritz!Box (router) then these thermostats are also supported:

P.S. The Box has to run at least on firmware FRITZ!OS 6.35 and has to support the “Smart Home” service.