Which rollershutter would you recommend?

Hello Community,

I’m planning to replace the windows and the rollershutters. Currently there are two rollershutters with belt from Radermacher (DuoFern). A RasPi controls them via crontab and a DuoFern USB-Stick.

For the new configuration I’m looking for a solution which integrates better in openhab2 (the RasPi is running openhabian).
I didn’ t manage to integrate MQTT in openhab2 until now but I got the mosquitto-broker running on the RasPi and was able to switch two Tecin D20 (flashed with Tasmota) via MQTT.

The window fitter recommended rollershutters from solrays?. I contacted the guys an they told me that is no MQTT in there and their systems is proprietary and quit locked-down.
Somfy would also be a possibility. But then I have to flash Tasmota to it, haven’t I? Is this even possible?
Also I can choose Radermacher DuFern rollershutters. But it looks like there is no openhab2 binding for the DuoFern-Stick.
Or should I choose just a rollershutter engine and put an external switch with WiFi to it?

Which solution would you recommend?

I use a Philio PHI_PAN08 (ZWave) and I’m quite happy with it. I can even advise the rollershutter to stop at certain levels, e.g. at 50% although there is no accurate measurement where the blinds are positioned. It is a rough guess based on the starting position and the end position and the timing it needs to run from one end to the other, but it works quite good. Without the need of timers in rules, only based on the command given to the rollershutter controller.

I’m using the very cheap Electrodragon WIFI dual relays with Tasmota.
Running without any problems for years now.

Hi Joerg,

sounds and looks good. Did you find a case for it and the AC-DC AC 85-265V to DC 5V Power Module?

Which engines do you use for moving the shutters?

first, I have to correct myself. I used the SPDT version, that has two indepent relays (Optocoupler):
So you can use any voltage up to 240Von the relay side.
Case is delivered with the parts.
You dont’t need a power module, as you can connect 240V right away.
Additionally, the board offers Pinouts for 5V, 3.3V and several GPIOs including a pullup eg. for DHT temperature sensors.
I use them together with Nobily https://www.nobily.de/sale/5/nobily-rolladenmotor-p5, but any similar should work.

I looked a little deeper into the electrodragon stuff. It’s from China with the typical chinese electro-safety-flaws which can be seen in den comments. It may be, that the import to EU is not allowed. I’d rather buy a more safe solution.

Is it possible to integrate manuell switches? Just in case the mosquitto-broker, openhabian, the RasPi oder the WiFi-Router crashes?

your choice. As I said, they are working without any problems for years now. You can use the GPIOs for an additional manual switch.
An alternative for WIFI is the Sonoff Dual or a Shelly 2.5.