Which smart locks work with Openhab2?

Hi, can anybody share the smart locks which have tested working properly with openhab2?


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Replying, so maybe someone will chime in on what they have used and works, I’m not an api writer, or programmer, so I need something that is cheap, and works with a binding already in OH2… if that is even possible?

Locks are security based. The zwave binding from paper UI does not yet support security.

However, you can download the development binding from here and install it to your addons folder in order to include secure devices like locks. I have several Yale deadbolts (210 and 246) working flawlessly. @chris offers fantastic support and is very quick to provide an updated jar that fixes issues and includes more devices not previously supported.

Generally speaking though, most locks that you purchase have already been added to the database unless they are brand new to market. And you can provide him an XML in order to gain support for a device not in the database.


thanks Adam, I’ll check out the Yale deadbolts… and I’ll look into installing the zwave with security after I get the locks… Thanks!

Hi Jeff!
You should give the Nuki Smart Lock a try.
They have different integrations, fx. Openhab:

Nuki Binding for Openhab2

Cheers, Jakob!


Did anybody try this item

Is it recommended?