Which speaker for audio sink?

Can anybody recommend a cheap and easy speaker for OH 3?
I just need a possibility to send some audio notifications like mp3. or tts to it. I dont need superb audio quality.
My OH is running on a Pi in another room. So anything that connects wirelessly would be great.

I heard good things about chromecast audio. However, they are pretty outdated, right?

They don’t make them any more but they still work. The hardest part will be finding one you can buy.

You say “speaker”, but then you mention a Chromecast Audio, which is a dongle that feeds a speaker. What’s your preference?

If it’s a connected speaker you’re after, a Nest Mini will do what you need and can be found easily on the used market. If you think you might care about audio quality later, get a Nest Audio instead. It’s significantly better.

If you don’t want Google Assistant, you can just mute the microphone. In this case, I recommend the Nest Audio. When you use the hardware mute switch, a Nest device will turn on its LEDs permanently to let you know the mic is off (sigh). With the Nest Audio, you can easily remove the speaker cover (it’s a very tight friction fit) and disconnect the LED cable. I’ve done that with mine, because I only use it to play music (and it’s close to a Nest Hub).

If you just want to plug a dongle into some existing speakers, It’ll be easier to get a regular Chromecast and use it with an HDMI audio extractor than to find a Chromecast Audio. Functionally, the only difference is that Google will allow you to cast videos to it (even though you aren’t using the video output).

Alternatively, the Amazon Echo Dot has a 3.5mm audio jack built in, but I don’t know enough about Echo devices to recommend them one way or another.

Thanks @rpwong
That was exactly what i needed :wink:
Ordered an Echo dot, came today, very easy and works really nice. TY :wink: