Which Thermostat for Openhab2

Which thermostat will be good for OpenHab2 - HABPanel - Settings temperature, mode etc?
Netatmo Valve working or Tado. Maybe others?
Who can recommend me something?

I think tado will be good :slight_smile:

Are you looking for fully wired or wireless?

It really depends what are you looking for in the future. I picked z-wave device (Eurotronic Sprit Z-Wave Plus) - single device costs ~42 Euro on amazon.de while the one you pointed costs ~90 per device if you will buy starter pack. Of course I had to buy z-wave controller in my example also but you can use it to other devices if you will decide to automate more things. The Tado has to be connected to ethernet while Danfoss/Eurotrinic or Bluetooth devices don’t.

Look if it has proper support and what can you take out of it. Example does it report temperature or not. If not you will have to have another device to look for current temperature.